Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Makeover Dress

Within hours, almost moments, the phone calls started flooding in and decisions had to be made. We were to meet with the funeral home that afternnon. They would need to know when the service would be, where it would be held, what time. Would it be a burial or cremation? Would we need a hearse? Would it be a open or closed casket......and which casket? What would she wear? So many questions to answer, even for a level-headed, well-rested, non-emotional person. But for us.........with no sleep.......about our!? Were they serious?

After 3 hours, we provided answers to almost all of their questions they asked, except for one.......What would Mom wear? It was just not something we wanted, or were even able to think about. We had had enough for one day.

Dad left it up to Joy and I to decide what to put Mom in. Technically, we were having a closed coffin, so it really did not matter that much what she would be wearing, but to Joy and I, it did. We talked about a few different choices, but we could not get ourselves to enter into Mom's walk-in closet to look at her neatly hung and organized clothes. That was just too much right now. So, we kept talking, hoping something would come to us,and it did. All of a sudden, I said, "Her makeover dress!" And with tears in her eyes, Joy shook her head, "Yes, she said, yes." We both knew immediately that was the one. It was the fun, green dress that the stylist had chosen for her the day of her Makeover. We had nominated her to Channel 10 for a well-deserved mom's makeover back in June, and you can not believe how shocked we were when they called to tell us that she had won! They would be doing the story and makeover on OUR Mom, and it would be on tv!!!! It was the day we were celebrating Mom. It was the day we were celebrating her good news of being cancer-free. But it was the last day she was to feel so good. And it was the last day the three of us would spend together.

So, that was it, the makeover dress. The last time she wore it, we were celebrating Mom and everything about her, and now, we would do the same. Today, she would be buried in her makeover dress.......with the gold shoes!

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