Monday, November 16, 2009

After the Flowers Fade

Shortly after returning home from Grandma's funeral in North Carolina, things began to slowly change. It was a quiet feeling. A sad feeling. A very lonely one. All the family and friends who had been there for us and had done so much went back to their normal lives. The amount of grieving time that feels right for our society had now passed. We were now left to face the beginning of our lives without Mom, on our own. While eveyone else returned to their normal lives, we were facing one that would prove to be anything but normal! And NO ONE can understand what it is like to be in the shoes of someone who is truly grieving, grieving in ways you would never have known possible, until it happens to you. You are left with feelings you don't know how to express, feelings you have never had before, and feelings you don't even know what to do with, and no one can seem to help. Oh, yes, people try, or some do, but they just can't seem to say the right thing. And is there even a right thing To say???.......probably not.

The phone calls were less frequent, the meals were no more, the cards and notes had stopped, and the flowers had all faded. The world went on with life, life as normal, but for us it had stopped. It would never be the same again, and NOTHING could change that.


  1. Aww Jerrie,
    My heart still breaks for you. I like to read your writings and I hope things are getting somewhat easier...journally is very theraputic.
    I love you!