Thursday, December 3, 2009

Caleb Sees Mimi

I hesitated whether to write this particular post or not. But it is part of the story, part of my story, and I beleieve everything happens for a reason.

It was a beautiful spring afternoon, the girls were home from school, and Caleb was awake from his nap. Avery was playing on the floor, I was helping Julia with her homework at the dining room table, and Caleb was in his highchair next to us coloring. I had opened the window blinds in the dining room, which I don't always do, so there was a clear view to the outside backyard. Caleb had been minding his own business coloring by himself, which already makes this story unique. I was sitting in the end chair, in between the two children, with my back to the window, leaving Caleb with the most visible view outside. He could not have been a day past 18 months at the time, but yet still.....quite a talker, if Mommy was present to interpret. Julia and I were concentrating on her homework, when Caleb called out with a sound of surprise in his voice, "Meh Meh! Meh Meh!" I knew at once he was saying Mimi, as he does every once in a while. So, I answered back to him, "Mimi, yes, Mimi," repeating what he said, and going right back to what I was doing. A few seconds later, he called out again, "Meh Meh! Meh Meh!" with a little more excitement this time. Realizing that my first response had not satisfied him, I looked up this time to acknowledge him. I answered again with a little more interested and involved tone. "Yes, Mimi. Do you remember Mimi? Are you thinking of her? Yes, we miss Mimi. We love her." And as my eyes were moving back towards Julia's attention, I noticed he was now pointing out the window. "Meh Meh! Meh Meh," he called for the third time, pointing outside again. Ok, now he had my full attention. I abruptly stopped what I was doing and said, "Mimi? What about Mimi?" And to my utter surprise he exclaimed, "Ou-sigh! Ou-sigh! Meh Meh ou-sigh!" I repeated back once again, "Mimi outside?" Caleb answered, still pointing, "Yah. Ou-sigh. I saw-er!" (meaning= Mimi outside. I saw her) Scared to turn around and look, I quickly glanced over my shoulder, but did not see anything. At this point I was feeling pretty strange. A dozen questions entered my mind. What is he talking about? And why? Where is he getting this from? Could he really have thought he saw something? Or HER? Really? Is it possible? And just then, he changed his voice from his excited, purposeful voice trying to get Mommy's attention, to a cute, little baby voice like an adult would use when talking to a baby, and he mimmicked what he thought he saw Mimi saying to him, and he softly said, "Hi, K.K. Hi-i," as he brought his little hand up to his face and waved a very tiny little wave next to his cheek, "Hi, K.K. Hi-i." He smiled sweetly and fondly. I do not know exactly what happened or what he might have seen, but whatever he saw was now gone. It went away just as quickly as it had come, and he was back to his coloring.

I nodded my head in disbelief, yet still felt a touch from God, as a little tear ran down my face. I sat there quite dumb founded by the whole 4 minute episode, as it appeared not to phase Caleb in the least.

Like the faith of a child, Father? Yes, He said, "Like the faith of a child."

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  1. You have told me this story, and to read it now with your beautiful description gave me a chill. Awesome!