Thursday, December 3, 2009

Miles For Moffitt

It was May, and it was time for the annual Miles for Moffitt event, where they raise money for cancer research. As I told Joy weeks earlier that I would do the 3 mile walk with her, in honor of Mom, I had no idea that it would actually be on Mother's Day weekend. Wow, was that an unexpected flood of emotions that day. Last year Mom had talked about going with us and doing the 1 mile walk, although it did not work out. But here we were, just one year later, not walking with her, but in honor of her. She had already been gone 7 months! I could hardly believe it!

The emotions came quickly, moments after stepping out of the car. You could immediately see hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of people walking for cancer. Some walked WITH their loved one and some walked FOR their loved one, but it was clearly evident that we all had a loved one. Some wore matching shirts, some had pictures, some held posters, and some held hands. You could see that some were still fighting their cancer, as you noticed the bandanas and wheelchairs, but it seemed that unfortunately, many had already lost their battle to cancer. And it seemed to have taken the lives of all different types of people. You could see people of every race, culture, and age walking.....walking for a very specific reason, walking for a very specific loved one, and we were no exception. We were all strangers there, yet all tied together intimately with a common bond. Like we were all in the same club, but one we did not want to be a member of.
We continued to walk.

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